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Born on the West Coast of British Columbia in 1952, life has been like a tide of ebbs and flows, filled with revealing stories about life, laughter, love, and of course, times of dark clouds and storms … internal scars. The latter is my greatest daily mentor … not dwelling on the past, but learning from mistakes which molds one into someone who appreciates each day, grateful for unexpected blessings.

Still, in my senior years, I remain open to learn, never giving up on dreams, and stay focused on the path. I pray for all people to have the dreams to find it, the courage to proceed, and the perseverance to follow in hope, faith and love.

The power of an idea, when worthy, just and correct, is unstoppable. New ideas illuminate awareness, inspire and enrich our lives. When people ask me, “What do you do?” I answer: “Whatever it takes”…

Realtor – Courtenay and Campbell River for 6 1/2 years

Writing – Publishing

1990: Following three back surgeries, I opened the lid on my laptop and began to fill pages of my first book: “SMART PEOPLE TODAY – Empowering Education In A Digital World”

2009 to Present: Journalist for 6 years writing for The Examiner & Canada Wire Service

2015: Wrote & Published “Dante’s Eight Circle”

2018: Edited, Transcribed, Published “Forced Paths – Ordered Steps” for Jemal Damtawe

2018: Writing new book DRUG DEALERS IN LAB COATS (Working Title)

Draft Mockup Cover

Exposing Powerful Drug Trafficking Entities
Exposing Powerful Drug Trafficking Entities